Are you looking for a new way to make IoT Products?

LeanMango is an online platform for startup, companies or hobbyists who want to make a complete IoT prototype, from electronics, software, and enclosure.

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Create IOT products yourself with simple steps

Our platform will guide you step by step so you can create  a market ready-product


1. Select the enclosure

Depending on your application, you can select enclosures for indoors, outdoors or industrial environments. 


2. Select your product's brain

Choose between electronic platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Teensy and much more.


3. Select other hardware components

Like the type of power source (battery, AC mains, solar), connectivity (Wifi, Bluetooth, etc) and sensors.


4. Select programming type

You can choose to send the data information to our cloud or other clouds like Amazon Web Services, Azure, or GoogleCloud. If you have special request on software, we can make it too. 


5. Customize your product

Add the logo to your prototype and additional CNC details.


6. Pay and enjoy

You are ready to get your product. It will go into production and you will have no hidden costs.

A success story: LivingHub

This is an example of how LeanMango can help you create a smart home hub to control lights, doors, and much more


Elegant enclosure

Elegant, aesthetic, and functional appearance . Logo and accessories added to put a strong brand recognition element.


A powerful brain

Selected RaspberryPi zero to control the functionalities



In order to control the house, the home automation standard Z-wave protocol was used, mixed with Bluetooth and Wifi to fit the 80% of smart appliances in the market


Ready for early adopters

Prototype with the right appearance to show to users, investors and the general public.

Step by step construction

Subscribe to get early access and have a chance of winning a 20% off in your first order!

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